How To Enjoy Irish Whiskey Cocktails With Teeling

How To Enjoy Irish Whiskey Cocktails With Teeling

For Father's Day, NIO Cocktails is going on a journey from Ireland, to Scotland, and across the Atlantic to Kentucky to explore the whiskies we're proud have behind the bar. Our first destination on our whistle-stop tour is Dublin, Ireland, where we meet the team behind Teeling Irish Whiskey.

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Dublin is a city that needs little introduction. Long renowned for its unrivalled charm, passionate locals, and for the hundreds of lively pubs that beckon you in from its grey cobbled streets, its easy to see why Dublin is a bucket list destination for so many - especially for keen fans of whiskey. At the beating heart of the city, in one of Dublin’s oldest neighbourhoods called “the Liberties”, sits the Golden Triangle. This is a thriving hub home to over 30 distilleries, and what makes Dublin a veritable whiskey powerhouse.

The Golden Triangle, while it enjoys a rich history, is no historical relic. Tourists and residents alike often remark on the heady aromas that waft from the distillery chimneys and swill in the streets of the Golden Triangle. Toasted cereal grains, a hint of burnt caramel - rich, tempting smells synonymous with stout, craft beer and whiskey. Far from a chapter consigned to the city's colourful past, the Irish whiskey industry is very much alive and kicking in Dublin - and at its core, even leading the way for Irish whiskey, is Teeling.  

Teeling distillery Dublin birds eye viewTeeling Whiskey Distillery, Newmarket Dublin

Discovering the Teeling distillery

Sat shoulder to shoulder alongside fellow Irish icons like the Guinness distillery, Teeling Whiskey is a legend in its own right. Teeling’s impressive whiskey lineage traces as far back as 1782, when Irish whiskey was in its heyday and Dublin was the whiskey capital of the world. However the likes of prohibition and the rise of American Bourbon saw the decline in Irish whiskey, and it wasn’t until the 1990’s when John Teeling - a direct descendent of Walter Teeling, who started the original craft distillery - revived the industry by founding a distillery of his own.

His sons, Jack and Stephen Teeling, are now leading the way at the helm of the brand in what is being described as the new Golden Era of Whiskey. Their new distillery site and visitor centre in Newmarket, which opened in 2015, was the first to open in 125 years and since then over 30 more distilleries have followed suit. This time, though, they wanted to embrace the unconventional and make Teeling something a whole new generation of whiskey drinkers could enjoy.

Jack and Stephen Teeling distilleryJack and Stephen Teeling

As a family the Teelings have always been known for doing things differently, and the Teeling Whiskey team are no exception. Always in pursuit of the unconventional, Teeling uses unusual barrels to mature their whiskies, like Central American Rum casks or Cabernet Sauvignon barrels, and they are well known for distilling their whiskies in small batches. You also won’t see any chill filtration with Teeling, a common technique which removes fats from the whiskey, which gives the Teeling whiskies a rich, smooth texture.

These experimental techniques bring subtle flavours and a refreshing complexity to Teeling that makes it a real hit with both a younger generation of whiskey drinker, as well as mixologists - including our very own Master Mixologist, and one of our founding fathers, Patrick Pistolesi. 

Patrick Pistolesi Bartender Bar Cocktails Drink Glass Drink Kong

"Teeling Whiskey tells a story of reinvention, innovation, and craft - just like NIO," Patrick explains. "At NIO Cocktails we're all about doing the unexpected and going against convention. At first, people thought we were crazy for wanting to bring the spirit of bartending into people’s homes. Now, we’re leading the way for a new style of cocktails and a new kind of experience. That’s why I really wanted to work with Teeling and create four cocktails that represent what it means to be unconventionally Irish".

Tips on how to enjoy Teeling cocktails this Father's Day

"Of course, I'm proud of all four of the NIO Cocktails we made with Teeling - just like I am with all the cocktails we create at NIO," Patrick adds. "But two in particular are close to my heart: the Irish Emerald and the Herbal Penicillin. These two are awesome twists on two of my favourite classic whiskey cocktails," 

NIO Cocktails Teeling cocktail box

What makes these so special? Patrick goes on to explain further: "The Irish Emerald is similar to the Manhattan, but with a drier and slightly fruitier flavour profile. This is because Teeling Single Grain features subtle red fruit and berry flavours, while rich Maraschino cherry and Cocchi Red Vermouth give the cocktail a lot of body and a beautiful mouthfeel. This would be perfect for anyone that loves all the complex flavours of a full bodied red wine, with the sweet spice that Teeling Single Grain brings to the table."

Herbal Penicillin Cocktail glass

On the other hand, he notes that the Herbal Penicillin would be perfect for a Whiskey Sour fan. "If you're looking for your new favourite Whiskey Sour to share with Dad, then look no further than the Herbal Penicillin. This is a fresh take on the classic Penicillin, made with Teeling's award-winning Small Batch Whiskey. I love how the vibrant herbal flavours of Chartreuse compliment Teeling's more floral side, while honey and ginger lend a satisfying spicy kick that go hand in hand with this warming whiskey," Patrick suggests.


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