Why you'll love it

A sweet gin-based cocktail with crisp citrus notes, the White Lady is a Gatsby-era cocktail that’s too good to be lost to history. We’ve brought the White Lady, feather boa and all, into the 21st century using Cointreau orange liqueur, lime liqueur and Tanqueray London Dry Gin. It’s a true classic that’ll level up elegant evenings in.

The White Lady’s story

The exact origin of the White Lady cocktail, which used to be more minty, is up for debate. Some say it came from Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, others say it was from the Savoy Hotel in London. Either way, over time the crème de menthe was replaced in favour of gin, taking the sharpness down a notch which made it an absolute winner. The Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Cointreau and lime hits all the right notes, merging bracing botanicals with sweet orange and tart citrus.

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Serve the perfect cocktail in one minute

Get your favourite tumbler glass

Once your glass has been filled with ice, give your cocktail pack a quick shake.

Tear off the corner

Simply pinch and tear the corner – no need to remove from the paper sleeve.

Pour over ice

Leave to stand for one minute and enjoy in good company.

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