There’s nothing that your mum (and any mother figures in your life) deserves more than a day dedicated just to her where she can relax, unwind and indulge. And what better way to treat your mum on Mother’s Day and show your appreciation for everything she does than surprising her with some delectable cocktails?

Here, we’ve rounded up our favourite Mother’s Day cocktails to enjoy, from sweet classics to sour sippers that are all guaranteed to be a wonderfully refreshing treat.

1. Gin Proved

If you’re looking for something as unique as her, then our perfectly perfumed signature Gin Proved cocktail is the one. Blending Tanqueray Gin, Bols Parfait Amour Liqueur, organic citric acid and liquid sugar, this cocktail is delightfully balanced and offers a tangy-sweet flavour that’s truly delicious. Its aesthetically pleasing lilac shade adds something a little extra special - and makes it ideal for the spring months too.

Gin Proved

2. Gin Sour

As one of the oldest cocktails around, you can’t go wrong with a classic Gin Sour. Though its origin story is unclear, it’s thought that it was likely created in the mid-1800's. With a perfect blend of dry gin, bitter lemon and liquid sugar, this simple drink packs a punch and is lovely to sip on a sunny day or alongside a fabulous brunch. 

3. Cosmopolitan

If you’re planning on treating your mum to a glamorous day filled with pampering and fun, a Cosmopolitan in hand seems only fitting. This cocktail is a firm fan favourite and has been popular across the world for decades. Combining Ketel One Vodka, Cointreau and cranberry juice, this sweet pink drink is here to stay.


4. Daiquiri

Ultra-refreshing and reminiscent of warm, summer days or trips to exotic beaches, the Daiquiri is one of the most well-balanced drinks around that offers irritable sweet and sour flavours. Containing just 3 simple ingredients, the daiquiri is easy to make as it combines white rum, citrus and liquid sugar. 

5. Tommy’s Margarita

A fun and modern take on a classic drink, Tommy’s Margarita is bright, citrusy and really allows the tequila to shine. If your mother loves a social gathering and party every now and then, we’re positive she’ll be a fan of this cocktail too. Combining Exotico Blanco Tequila, agave syrup and organic citric acid, it offers a sharp and delicious flavour. If you want to try to original, we also have the iconic Margarita cocktail available.

Tommy's Margarita

6. Mai Tai

For a drink with a tropical twist, the Mai Tai is unbeatable. Short for ‘Mai Tai-roa-aé’, which means ‘out of this world’, it’s safe to say this cocktail has earned its place in the cocktail hall of fame. Blending Pampero rum, lime juice, Cointreau and Orgeat Liqueur, this drink is full-bodied and fruity with just a hint of sweet spice that’s sure to bring paradise to your home this Mother’s Day.

7. Gimlet

The Gimlet is a cocktail that has stood the test of time and is now classed as one of the world’s most popular cocktails. With its simple blend of gin and lime juice, it creates an unmistakable flavour that’s light and refreshing and perfect to enjoy with family after a day of relaxing. 


8. Vodka Sour

The Vodka Sour is an easy-to-drink cocktail that’s been popular for centuries and shows no sign of slowing down. With a bittersweet blend of Ketel One Vodka, citric acid, liquid sugar and a dash of water, this simple drink provides a tangy flavour that’s not too sweet or too tart. We believe that you’ll never be let down with a classic sour cocktail.

9. Mimosa

Why not surprise mum first thing in the morning with a Mimosa cocktail. This two-ingredient drink is a firm favourite during breakfast or brunch and will start mum’s day just right. Mixing orange juice and champagne or Prosecco into a flute, this sparkling drink is sure to please. Serve it up with waffles or eggs Benedict, and you’ll definitely be mum’s favourite.


10. Passionfruit Martini

Sweet and fruity, the Passionfruit Martini has been named as the UK’s favourite drink and has become the go-to cocktail for many. Made with vanilla vodka, fresh passion fruit, passion fruit liqueur and lime juice, this cocktail can be enjoyed all throughout the day. Stylish, fun and indulgent, you know both you and mum will have a fantastic day with a couple of these in hand.

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