NIO Cocktails UK launch

Stirred, Not Shaken

NIO Cocktails UK launched on Sunday 1st December 2019. It's been an incredible journey just to get to this point, and like any other business, there have been lots of actions to prioritise, balance and dovetail to deliver the final product - kind of similar to a well-made cocktail.

In fact, we've been on this journey for nearly 3 years now. Our company origins lie in the home of cocktails - Italy - but we wanted to explore how to successfully bring the ready-to-savour at-home cocktail to a more mature, Direct-to-Consumer market, and so chose to launch in the UK.

The ingredients are ready, now it's time to savour

We've accomplished a lot in a relitively short space of time to bring NIO to the UK; including some of the obvious elements you'd expect of any international company 

  • Manufacturing with UK-specific information
  • Logistics to bring into the UK from Italy
  • A website that brings to life our product and the experience we hope you have as a NIO patron
  • The 'final mile' - delivery to your door

What isn't seen as it's all been happening in the background is the R&D work we've undertaken with many of our partners, not least of all our packaging partners, to minimise material usage and weight, maximise recyclability and all the while delivering a great customer experience.

So much more to explore...with you

We are constantly seeking to improve our products and proposition. To that end, we'll be reaching out to you, our patrons, to ask for your feedback on your experiences and to also get your recommendations for our innovation programme. This may include

  1. New cocktails
  2. New artwork on boxes
  3. Glassware and other accessories

Here to wait on you

As always, if you want to speak to us, please reach out directly by writing to us at