What to Drink at Your Office Christmas Party

What to Drink at Your Office Christmas Party

It’s safe to say the past year has been different to any other...and that includes the cancellation of the highly anticipated work Christmas party in 2020 due to social distancing measures. But in 2021, the dates have been saved and the venues are booked as we look forward to celebrating the end of the year with our colleagues.

From champagne and beer to wine and cocktails, there’s no shortage of beverage options available at social gatherings, but the question remains: what drink should you order to make the right impression?

Well, with the help of Patrick Pistolesi, Master Mixologist at NIO Cocktails and founder of the award-winning bar Drink Kong, we’ve come up with a list of 13 popular drinks and some guidance on what your drink of choice might say about you to help you make an impression at your next event.

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1. Champagne

Nothing says celebration like a glass of bubbly. The development of the prestigious méthode champenoise – where bubbles are produced by adding yeast and sugar to wine in the bottle and leaving it to ferment – cemented Champagne as THE drink for a celebration.

Personality type: People approach you to ask permission for various things. You’re very observant in the office and are the type to think before you speak. People overshare with you when in conversation to fill any silences. Your preferred party position? Up at the bar, watching from afar.

2. Wine

Whether it’s red, white, rose or sparkling, there is a glass of wine for every type of celebration. And, as Patrick says “Wine is complex and there is a wide variety of flavour across red, rose and white wine.” Wine would be perfect for a sit-down dinner or where appetisers are served, but ordering a glass of wine may reflect a lack of imagination or decisiveness. To spark things up a bit, Patrick recommends choosing “a Bellini or white wine spritzer.”

Personality type: Wine drinkers are generally the safe guests to have at a party – serious but not too controversial. At work, they’re like Switzerland, opting for the middle ground and this carries through to the social setting. Their preferred party position is surrounded by interesting conversations.

drinking beer

3. Beer

Beer is often considered the safest option at a party, and likely why it is one of the most common alcoholic drinks enjoyed by people all over the world. With so many varieties available, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one you don’t like. Although, ordering a beer may reflect a certain desire to blend in. Patrick recommends to start with a beer and from there, try a Collins or a whiskey sour. “Whilst beer drinkers might not experiment much, they generally know their drinks, and their spirits.”

Personality type: You are more reserved and can often be found sitting on a stool at the bar instead of taking centre stage on the dance floor, especially with those you aren’t familiar with. Your preferred party position is at the bar with a couple of close co-workers.

4. Drinks Mixed with Tonic or Soda Water

People generally opt for soda water/tonic mixers to maintain a steady, controlled pace. The types of glasses used (generally a lowball or highball glass) are safe and communicate from afar that you’re not afraid to drink with the group and that you’ve got a touch of class. Patrick advises that these drinks can be more dangerous than you might think. Easy to drink “I would avoid any white spirit tonics that are easy to lose count of.”

Personality type: You’re level-headed and reasonable in your decision-making. You enjoy socialising with others but won’t be the last person standing, often calling the night at a reasonable time. Your preferred party position is organising it.

5. Sweet cocktails

There’s nothing like a sweet cocktail to start the night off, but there’s a fine line between just enough and too much sugar. Be careful to only order one or two of these cocktails as staying with them will not only cause your blood sugar levels to spike but also show that you’ve never really grown up.

Personality type: You only drink when you dance. You only drink when you get dressed up. And, generally, you only drink on weekends. Yet, when you do drink, you love to keep the party going. Your preferred party position is behind the DJ booth.

6. Sour cocktails

Whiskey Sour, Gin Sour, Sidecar cocktail…There’s no shortage of choice for those who prefer a tangy tipple. The sour cocktails are about as classic as you can get, and drinking them shows you’re a traditionalist. Patrick says “if you order a classic cocktail, you likely know your liquid, and know what you like.”

Personality type: Like the complexity of the drink, you also have many layers to you. You’re confident but with an air of sophistication about you. Your preferred party position is to be fashionably late and the best dressed. You will most likely move around amongst different groups instead of sticking to one.

7. Bitter cocktails

Bitter cocktails are particularly popular with millennials. By adding a bitter component, the cocktail dries out ever so slightly and the nuances of the flavour boom within the other elements. They’re generally served in a lowball glass and drunk by cocktail connoisseurs.

Personality type: Bitter cocktail drinkers generally have a disposable income and they want to spend it. You love to talk about art and culture, and are part of the creative team within the office. Despite the name of the cocktail, you have a warm, sweet side that people naturally gravitate towards. Your preferred party position is storytelling whilst getting another round in.

8. Whiskey

If you can manage to drink whiskey without wincing, you’ll show you know your way around alcohol and have a respectable tolerance for it. Whiskey is a great nightcap so consider ordering a Whiskey Neat at the last round.

Personality type: Whiskey-drinkers are serious people and most likely to be caught in a deep conversation. They tend to be quiet observers and prefer it that way. This group can also be great for direct advice when you need it. Your preferred party position is in conversation with the CEO.

9. Rum

Like whiskey, rum is a strong drink with a complex flavour profile and delicious aroma. Rum tends to be the sweeter of the two with a rich and spicy flavour. Rum is one of those drinks that never goes out of fashion. It can be enjoyed all year round and is perhaps best enjoyed during the cooler months as one sip will ignite a warmth throughout your body.

Personality type: Rum-based drink fans reveal a personality that is young at heart, someone who lives life to the fullest but also who appreciates the finer things. You prefer nightclubs over bars, festivals over concerts and parties over a dinner date. Gold is your favourite colour and your preferred party is on the dance floor, all night.

10. Vodka

Vodka is one of the most commonly consumed alcohols. Even those who don’t like vodka will still drink vodka cocktails. For the office Christmas party, vodka is a safe bet as long as it doesn’t come in the form of shots. “You won’t stand out with this choice, as they’ll likely be lots of vodka drinkers.”

Personality type: You are a real socialite and are a guaranteed yes to any colleague get-togethers. You love being social and enjoy big nights out regularly. You’re naturally curious and are always taking annual leave to visit a new destination. Your preferred party position is welcoming everybody.

 11. Tequila

Tequila isn’t just for shots. It can be as fine a spirit as scotch or bourbon when enjoyed correctly. We don’t mean to order it neat, to avoid any scrutiny make sure to order in the form of a cocktail.

Personality type: Tequila drinkers are straightforward in the fact they love to party. They’re incredibly comfortable in their own skin – often the loudest and funniest person in the office. For them, embarrassment doesn’t fall into their vocabulary. Their preferred party position is in the eye of the storm.

12. Gin

Ordering a gin-based drink shows you’re an experienced drinker and value quality in your beverages. People will often look upon a classic gin-based drink favourably as everyone has a fond memory to go with Gin and Tonic. Major nostalgic vibes.

Personality type: Gin-drinkers are chic, mysterious and cool. They love the fact that you can’t read them. Expect this group to be more subdued on a night out, more likely hanging out with the whiskey drinkers than the tequila drinkers. This group knows who they are and where they’re going, and chances are their professional life reflects that. Their preferred party position is slipping out, without saying goodbye.

13. Soft Drinks & Mocktails

These options are quite literally the safest option. However, you may come across as a party pooper if you only stick to non-alcoholic options. If you’re trying to blend in socially, a mocktail is the way to go. Not only do they taste incredible, but you also won’t be pressured by the drinking crowd into having “just one” with them.

Personality type: You are very responsible and a go-getter. You are always setting goals and achieving them. You prefer sparkling water over stilled and neutral tones over bright ones. Your preferred party position is the first one to leave.

Celebrate with NIO Cocktails

Celebrate with NIO Cocktails

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