Discover Espresso Martini, the cocktail with a kick

Discover Espresso Martini, the cocktail with a kick

As the days get longer, we find ourselves looking forward to a delicious, stimulating drink to give us that little bit of extra energy to meet the demands of the day. Everyone deserves a delicious treat that makes meeting friends late evening after a long work day worth every minute. 

If you’re looking for something different for your after-dinner other than your usual coffee, what if we told you that there are cocktails that are inter-seasonal and extremely versatile. Cool and energising for the summer, and vivacious and rich for the winter? 

Our top mixologist Patrick Pistolesi has carefully studied the best recipes to reinterpret in order to obtain flavours that conquer the palate even in the hottest or coolest climatic conditions to sip in the city, garden, seaside, mountains or wherever you want.

The Espresso Martini is up there with the most incredibly aromatic coffee cocktails ideal for all coffee lovers. It is the must-have cocktail for your after-dinner drinks with friends. Intense, full-bodied, enveloping, incredibly complex from the first sip. 

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NIO Cocktails’ Espresso Martini

The classic Espresso Martini recipe

Bradsell's original Espresso Martini recipe calls for only 4 ingredients:

Vodka (an 80s must),

Coffee liqueur,

A cup of espresso


Simple, but effective: a concentration of strong flavours that, together, achieve perfect harmony for an aperitif or a refreshing after-dinner just like at the bar.

Espresso Martini: a history

This iconic cocktail dates back to the 1980s, when English bartender Dick Bradsell created it for a famous model who desperately needed a pick-me-up during her gruelling schedule. 

Originally Bradsell himself christened it the ‘Vodka Espresso’  going on to rename it 'The Pharmaceutical Stimulant', for many that remained too much of a mouthful and ‘the Espresso Martini’ we love was born.

Espresso Martini, the NIO Cocktails recipe

Patrick Pistolesi decided to create the ready-to-drink Espresso Martini with two simple ingredients, both with an important history worthy of premium mixology:

Family Made Vodka Ketel One, in 2020, this spirit was named the world's best-selling vodka for the eighth year in a row, produced in the Netherlands in a copper still.

Fair Cafè Liqueur, made from Arabica coffee beans grown in the mountains of eastern Mexico by small producers in the Huatusco region, grouped in a Fairtrade certified cooperative.

Espresso Martini NIO Cocktails

The perfect garnish

How to enjoy our Espresso Martini at its best? Obviously with the addition of the garnish suggested by Patrick for a complete taste experience: just add 3 roasted coffee beans and you're done. 

The food pairing

This cocktail is not only an invigorating aperitif, but also an ideal table companion: it is fantastic when paired with a rich tiramisu. 

Build a box of either 3, 6 or 9 cocktails and pop in a couple of our premium  Espresso Martinis to give your evening with friends a super delicious kick.

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