Romantic Love For 2 Bundle

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Four aromatic Italian cocktails and two NIO Cocktail glass tumblers, a romantic gift set for two.

Key Ingredients:

1 x Postcards from Venice Cocktail Box | 2 x NIO Cut Glass Tumblers

* Numai precomandă* Produsul va fi livrat între 14 - 30 nov

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The Postcards from Venice collection features Select Aperitivo, a bitter-sweet Italian liqueur distilled in the heart of Venice since 1920. With two glass tumblers to serve, enjoy the vibrant red cocktails, each crafted by Patrick Pistolesi, waltzing you on a tour through time in this iconic romantic city.

Immerse yourself in Venetian culture as you sip, and discover the stories as each cocktail is a postcard from Patrick, to you.

This Valentine's Day, let NIO bring you a little Venice to your doorstep with a romantic cocktail gift set for two:

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